Stefan Keyes

News Anchor, CTV Ottawa

"Nicholas Braham is, sincerely, one of the best things that ever happened to me when I first started my fitness journey a few years ago.

He took me on as a client and friend who struggled with weight; and one who had surrendered to genetics.  No excuses were accepted. He did not let me off the hook and I was, thoroughly, impressed with his ability to assess my limits. He knew when to push me further and when to tell me to stop when I wanted to overdo it.

The results speak for themselves but the education that comes along with his training style is invaluable."


Recruitment Consultant, Launch Recruitment Pty Ltd

"Reviews and testimonials aren’t something I typically write; however, in this case I’m happy to make an exception for the fantastic service I received from Nick Braham and the progress I’ve been able to make because of that service. It was exceptional and worth a written review.

I’ve been lifting weights consistently for the last 13 years largely using workout programs I’ve found online. I generally like to think that I know what I’m doing. That said, I’d felt stagnant for a few years. Bodyweight wasn’t going up and my lifts had mostly plateaued. Quite frustrating considering my consistency, but I’d heard about Nick’s tailored workout programs and decided to give it a go. Glad I did. Nick delivered a complete program centered on my goals: strength gain with some hypertrophy. Was quite impressed with his attention to detail and consultative approach – really onboarded my feedback and encapsulated it within the program. The result? Literally every single one of my major lifts went up and I gained close to 5 lbs of clean, lean bodyweight. Blown away. I haven’t gained that much in such a short time since my newbie days as a weightlifter. Very impressed with Nick’s programming and his ability to take a catered, realistic approach based on my goals and timeframe.  

Needless to say, if you want to break through a plateau or achieve a physique/fitness goal, I have zero doubt that Nick can get you there. Happy to praise Nick as a consummate professional with a very impressive knowledge-base who creates excellent programs from scratch to meet specific goals. I have Nick to thank for my recent progress. Will definitely be a return customer and will definitely not return to cookie-cutter programs after experiencing this level of tailored training.

In a word: thanks."

Natalie Gill

Regional Manager, Starbucks Coffee

Working with Nick is truly life changing. When we began to work together I wasn't happy with where I was both physically and mentally and had to make a change. Nick provided me with the tools and encouragement I needed to develop my confidence, stamina and strength. Nick helped me to unlock personal potential I didn't even know I possessed. From day one he listened and worked hard to build a program that helped me achieve the goals I had set for myself, and which shifted as each milestone was achieved. Quite frankly I would not be where I am now in my fitness journey had it not been for Nick and his dedication to my progress. I know that as long as I have him to guide me, I can achieve any physical feat! -Natalie Gill

Michelle Cederberg

Change Agent

I’ve always been a fit and active person and was a personal trainer myself many years ago, so I know what’s necessary for great overall health. But despite knowing better, in the last 10 years my fitness program gravitated away from weights and I turned into a cardio pig. Cycle classes, running, mountain biking, walking … and no weights. And, despite being very active I felt less strong, and I had aches and pains that made me feel older than I actually am. Not good.


I started training with Nick in June of 2017 because I knew that if I was going to stick to a regular weight training program I couldn’t do it on my own. Am I ever glad I got his help. At the start I was frustrated by how weak I felt and how off-balance my strength was. Without a trainer my first session would have been my last. Nick challenged me from the start, but did so with a focus on technique and incremental progress. If I couldn’t lift with good technique, he backed off the weight and helped me improve my form and base strength until I could. Within weeks I felt stronger, and my muscle imbalances slowly improved. Aches and pains that I just assumed I’d always have went away. Why did I wait so long?


Nick uses a variety of equipment and training methods every session, so it’s always interesting. He’s taught me how to do proper technique with complex Olympic Lifts and exercises as basic as a push up, and it’s been fun learning new things as I get stronger. Over the years I had completely underestimated the importance of weight training for health , energy and even confidence! Never again. April 2019 I’m turning 50,  and if there’s anything that will help me push back against the aging process physically and mentally, it’s the work I do with Nick. I’ve trained with him for just over a year now, and I feel like a different person. I look forward to our sessions every week (even though I know he’s going to kick my ass) because I keep making improvements, and that’s worth the hard work. Plus we have a lot of laughs while I ‘suffer’.