"People are intimidated by the gym. Understanding, knowledge, and direction remove the fear and empower individuals to reach their fitness goals. It only takes dedication; the tools are available."





Ottawa, ON


Do the work, be patient, things will change.



Still lifting at 105 years old.

  1. Pull a 600lbs traditional deadlift, unequipped: currently 515x1

  2. Press 315lbs: currently 210x1

  3. Weigh 225lbs at 6.5% body fat: currently 215 @ 8%


Favorite Lifts

  1. Traditional Deadlift

  2. Press (Overhead)

  3. Kroc Row



I love moving and I love challenges. If there's a gap, I wonder if I can leap it. If there's a tree, I wonder how fast I can climb it. If there's something to chase, I have to go get it. Basketball was the great love of my early life. In elementary school I was known for always having a ball in hand, dribbling everywhere I went, and always being ready for some pick-up.

My dream was to play in the NBA, I had it all planned out. I was going to go to North Carolina just like Mike and eventually be drafted to the Chicago Bulls. Life was looking good. Everything came crashing down when I hurt my back, knee, hip, ankle, and shoulders when I was 16. I was a wreck and couldn't play anymore, constantly taking painkillers just to deal with the pain of daily life, and spent as much time as I could manage laid out on the couch because moving hurt so much.

In 2007 I began the process of fixing my body. I learned that through strength training and mobility work I was able to limit and ultimately eliminate movement-induced pain. At the same time, I started gaining muscle. Having grown up as the skinny guy, I was very excited! Learning about the appropriate training methods and how nutrition would enable me to change my body and energy levels empowered me; it got me off the couch, and more importantly, off the pain meds. As an added benefit I started gaining some significant muscle mass!

I have been a personal trainer since 2007 and I've worked with every type of body and mind imaginable. I’ve done a lot of learning, training, testing, and failing … and ultimately that time and experience has made me the person I am today.

I started One Ingredient Body because I know my story isn’t unique. There are likely millions of people out there who face the struggles I did.

You have the desire, but maybe you need a little push. Or maybe you’ve tried in the past without results. I'd like to offer you a solution that is focused on you and your specific needs, with a goal to help you build the body you want; that you feel comfortable in.